Wilson Weekly Home Cleans Feel Like A Miracle

How Weekly Home Cleans Give Perth Professional More Free Time

Our client, Dee, is a busy professional living in Wilson. With young kids at home she has high standards of hygiene, so having a clean home is a priority for her.

But Dee didn’t want to keep spending her precious free time cleaning. She realised that while cleaning the whole house might take her all day and leave her feeling exhausted, a professional team would be more efficient. Outsourcing the cleaning would free up extra time she could spend with her family and friends.

In 2015, Dee decided to find professional cleaners she could rely on and trust to take over the responsibility of keeping her home spotless. After we gave her a free in-home estimate, she chose Perth Maids and we began cleaning for her every week.

Professional Cleaners Get More Done In Less Time

Usually, we arrive when Dee is heading to work and the kids are going to school, and we finish before they get home. Our two-person team can get the cleaning done to the highest standards in a couple of hours. As professional cleaners, we work fast. We use a detailed system and we’re more efficient. So, it was a smart decision to leave the house cleaning to us, especially as our fees provide great value.

For Dee, using Perth Maids to clean her home created a win-win situation. She could focus on being productive in her professional life where her time is of high value. Plus, she could come home to a spotless house to enjoy and relax in with her family.

Dee says that leaving the house in the morning and coming back to a sparkling home is like a miracle.

Your Trusted Cleaners

Like many clients, Dee felt comfortable trusting us with her keys. We take that responsibility seriously and have a complex coding system for storing keys, which means they are never labelled with any identifying features.

Additionally, every member of the Perth Maids team is selected by Mindy from her own trusted circle. And before being invited into our clients’ homes or businesses, they must get a police clearance. We also have an extensive list of glowing client testimonials. In fact, much of our work comes from word of mouth referrals.

With Perth Maids You Can Forget About The Cleaning

We get genuine satisfaction from cleaning as we see the difference it makes in our clients’ lives. We’re thrilled to be able to support Dee and our other clients who are experts in their professions – but not cleaning!

That’s our area of expertise. So, we make sure our clients can depend on us, forget about the cleaning and enjoy quality time with the people they love.

Perth Maids offers home cleaning across all areas of Perth from Wilson to the western suburbs, or Fremantle to Joondalup. Get in touch if you’d like us to give your home the miracle treatment.

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