‘I just wanted to say the girls have been doing a magnificent job of cleaning. Please let them know. Also, I don’t expect them to put away dishes or wash any thing. Usually I try to get it done. But appreciate them doing so.’

- Liesl

‘Thanks you for the service your company provided this year. Your girls were excellent workers and very nice to have in my home.’

- Caro

‘please pass on my sincerest thanks to everyone in the team, it has been such an amazing relief to come home to a sparkling house.’

- Hayley

‘Hey, Mindy! I want to let you know - the cleaners today were wonderful and definitely the best I've had so far. Thank you’

- Martina

‘Just thought I'd mention that the cleaners always do a lovely job - it is great and such a help.’

- Madeline

‘I just wanted to say that the ladies today were absolutely fantastic. Thank you to them both for an amazing job xo’

- Alison

‘I just want to let you know that the relief cleaning lady we have had for the last two weeks was excellent. Please pass on my gratitude for a job very well done.

- Jon

‘I just wanted to say that your ladies yesterday did a fantastic job - the house is spotless and the folding was really well done. Thank you so much 😊’

- Katherine

‘Please pass on our thanks to Qi for cleaning our house this morning - she did a great job today. The floors look brilliant. Thanks’

- Helen

‘Morning Mindy just wanted to say the cleaner did an amazing job yesterday. The house was spotless. Thank you 🙏🏻’

- Christiane

‘Definitely the best cleaners I have ever had - please pass on my thanks for great work’

- Vikki

‘Mindy and her team are by far the best cleaners I have ever come across/used. I have used Mindy at 3 different work places now and she has never disappointed. Friendly, polite, accommodating, understanding, helpful. Highly, highly recommend!’

- Grace

‘Mindy is always polite, clear and timely with all her communication. All Mindy staff are hard working and stick to task at all times during their visit. Kindy staff are punctual for the service. They are very receptive to any feedback or particular attention the client would like given. Mindy manages her business to ensure customers are satisfied and tries to accomodate any requests Mindy has a very professional approach and has never let me down during 18 months of service. Thank you Mindy and all your team for your help’

- Briohny

‘Mindy and her team clean our house on a fortnightly basis. They are always very thorough with their clean and leave the place sparkling. They are friendly and efficient. Would highly recommend their service.’

- Alice and James

‘Great reliable cleaners whose quality doesn’t change over time.’

- Rachele

‘I am always very happy with the services provided and the thoroughness of their cleaning services. Thank you so much!’

- Alicia

‘Girls were timely, efficient and very thorough. Detail to areas generally overlooked. A friendly and no hassle booking system. Highly recommend. Thanks Mindy and Team’

- Lauren

‘Your ladies have done an excellent job for us over the past 5 years and we cannot thank you and them enough for their attention to detail in their cleaning, their friendliness and their integrity. Thank you very much for the stress-free and high quality service you have provided for us. Warm regards,’

- Jan

‘Mindy I was very pleased with the girls today. They worked hard and it is lovely to see the house so clean.’

- Carol

‘Hi Mindy, Just wanted to say that your ladies did a fantastic job today. I came home to a lovely clean house. Please thank them for me. Hopefully I will be home when they come next so I can tell them. Regards’

- Wendy

‘Hey Mindy, What a fantastic clean we had today. The ladies were timely, efficient and just overall gentle and thorough. My skirtings and handles are clean!! A first! Kind Regards,’

- Lauren

‘Mindy you ladies come again have done an exceptional job cleaning today and doing all the linen. Many thanks it is really appreciated 🙏’

- Briohny

‘Hi Mindy - I just wanted to send a big thank you for organising cleaners for us - they are both incredible and the house is perfect after they have been. Thank you for making our lives easier!’

- Fiona

‘Can you please pass on a special thanks to the cleaners today. I had left some clean bedding next to the bed in our spare room for a visitor who will be staying with us from tomorrow. When I got home today, your cleaners had put the sheets on, Donna cover on and made the bed! They didn't need to do this but I appreciated it. Secondly, my daughter at Eric Street, Cottesloe was very happy with the cleaning this week. She will probably make contact with you early next year re a regular clean.’

- Tim

‘thank you for the very good service you provide and the good customer relations you have. Much appreciated. Regards’

- Kath

‘Thanks Mindy, We appreciate your teams hard work, they are always so lovely and so considerate cleaning around our baby and her nap times, our little one always has big smiles for them!!’

- Michelle

‘The girls cleaned the light shades today. Please thank them for us. They now look great.’

- Kym

‘Your cleaners are good people, and I appreciate them and you.’

- Jacqui

‘Mindy your staff. Always punctual, very pleasant and hard working. It is appreciated 🙏’

- Briohny

‘My support worker even said today. Wow your house is amazing and so clean. She noticed a difference too.. I’m not messy but she noticed it too.. Thanks again 🙏😊’

- Reggie

‘I wanted to say the cleaning ladies were so good. My OT lady said after Wow so clean. I’m very happy.. Thank you so much.. I appreciate it ..’

- Reggie

‘Hello Mindy, just wanted to say a big thank you for my house. Look lovely when I came home. Really appreciate that. Looking forward to it being that again this Saturday’

- Michelle

‘Dear Mindy, you are the one working under adverse situations. My life is so tranquil In comparison , so am in a position to offer much. My prayer is that life offers you in older age as I have been granted.🙏🏻🌈’

- Pamela

‘Please thank the girls for continuing to do such a great job & their consideration of my recuperating.’

- Tracy

‘Hi Mindy! I just wanted to thank-you & your two cleaning ladies that cleaned our house last Wednesday. They were fantastic!! Looking forward to them returning again.’

- Terry

‘Mindy…loved ur team and they did a lovely job! Looking forward to seeing them in two weeks’

- Sarah

‘Ying has incredible work ethics and serves with her whole heart. She’s also honest and knows how to manage the different aspects of my home (eg not to touch certain appliances, how to clean certain floor surfaces etc).’

- Mona

‘Just wanting to let you know that we are very happy with our cleaners. They are doing a fantastic job, thank you!’

- Jenni

‘The cleaning service is excellent, always on time and the work is excellent.’

- Jon

‘Fantastic, thx a lot! Your team is doing very well and I'm very pleased with their service’

- JJ

‘The girls are doing an amazing job by the way - couldn’t be happier - thanks’

- Kate

‘Your team does a fabulous job, we’ve been nothing but impressed so far, thank you!’

- Dana

‘Mindy, lovely clean from your wonderful team today 🙏’

- Briohny

‘I was so very happy today The ladies did a great job Thank u for being so professional and efficient Mindy x’

- Annie

‘The ladies today did a very good job- please pass on my thanks’

- Jody

‘Just wanted to say a quick thank you for yesterdays clean. It looks great! Thanks :)’

- Camilla

‘I just wanted to tell you what a great job your cleaners did today. We are always pleased with the job they do but walking in today all the floors and benches were absolutely shining!! So if you can please pass on our thanks 🙏🏻 to whoever came today and let them know what a great job they did.’

- Sharon

‘So grateful that the cleaners could come today - please pass on my thanks, brilliant job as usual 😃’

- Kayleigh

‘Hi Mindy, after a few miserable few weeks with Covid, it was lovely to come home today to a clean and welcoming house. Please let the lovely ladies know how much I appreciate their hard work.’

- Sue

‘Hi Mindy, just wanted to say you ladies did a great job cleaning my house on Thursday. My floors and showers were sparkling. Thank you.’

- Lisa

‘Hi Mindy, Thank you again and your terrific team for another fabulous job. Really appreciated.’

- Heather

‘They did a lovely job of our house today! My husband came home and was very impressed with how clean our shower is! Thank you 🙏🏽’

- Annie

‘I just want to let you know that our two new ladies have done an excellent job cleaning our house today and thank you too for organising them for us. I am happy to continue with their services fortnightly on a Wednesday morning in the future.’

- Janet

‘I would like to say the cleaners did a very good job yesterday and there was a lovely aroma in the house on return.’

- Becki

‘Thanks very much for providing such an amazing service over the last couple of months. Your girls were super efficient and did a great job.’

- Meagan

‘The house looks wonderful. Thank you to the cleaners. They have done a great job.’

- Jessica

‘Thank you so much. Our home looks gorgeous today. The girls did a great job.’

- Emma

‘The cleaners did a great job on Friday, thank you.’

- Jenni

‘Hi Mindy, just wanted to let you know we are very happy with today’s clean. House looks great. Thank you.’

- Sonja

‘Incredible job today thank you!!!!’

- Georgie

‘Just wanted to thank you and the team! House looks amazing after they’ve been 🙂👍’

- Ricky

‘Thank you Mindy! The ladies are such lifesavers and always so lovely, funny, kind, warm and wonderful! Please know your staff are truly doing you proud we are so grateful for what they do for us !!’

- Anna

‘They are doing a wonderful works as always. Thank them for me they deserve it 🙌🏻🙏🏼✨💖’

- Cassandra

‘Hi Mindy, I wanted to let you know that the girls who came to my home last Thursday did such a great job.’

- Jan

‘I'm very happy with what they've done and would like to go ahead with two weekly cleaning.’

- Lynn

‘Lovley to meet the cleaning team today, and I am very happy with their great work! Thank you!’

- Angela

‘Morning Mindy, just letting you know the cleaners did a great job yesterday. Very thorough!’

- Clara

‘Please thank Coco and Ling for such a great clean today. Thanks so much.’

- Emma

‘Hi Mindy, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the ladies who cleaned for me today were . Thank you!’

- Sally

‘Hi Mindy, just letting you know that we are very happy with your cleaners who came on Wednesday. They are very clean. Thank you!’

- Stephanie

‘Hi Mindy, please pass on thank you to Miranda and Han, I don't think the house has ever looked so clean!’

- Isabella

‘Happy Easter! Thank you and compliments to our cleaning team today, they did a great job!’

- Christiane

‘Thanks so much for your cleaners today. My looks lovely and clean. Many thanks! 🙏🏽😄’

- Annie

‘Hi Mindy, The ladies did a great job today. Very happy with their work. Thank you for accommodating the change in time.’

- Liz

‘Thanks Mindy, Annie and partner did a lovely job! … PS… I ❤️ Annie and Co. they really worked hard. They also arranged my cushions that I have never got right before😂😂’

- Susie

‘Mindy you are awesome Thank you for beautiful extra cleaning at the bathroom They are shining 👍🙏🏼’

- Mery

‘Hi Mindy Can you please thank our cleaners for the wonderful job they did on our house today. I forgot how nice it is to have a clean house after missing them last time.’

- Carolyn

‘Cleaners were great and did the extras. Thanks Mindy!’

- Leah

‘Mindy! What a wonderful job yesterday, especially with my mum’s house next door. She has early dementia now & it’s really made a difference!’

- Jodie

‘Please thank the girls who came this morning for doing such a wonderful job- house looks great’

- Holly

‘Hi Mindy - Thank you so much to you and your team for the clean last week - just amazing!!’

- Kailee

‘Hi Mindy, can you please thank the ladies who clean our house today? They did such a great job and I wanted them to know.’

- Dom

‘Vincent and I were very happy with the ladies that cleaned yesterday. They did a great job and will hopefully see them again. Thank you!’

- Angela

‘My family would 100% recommend Perth Maids Cleaning Service to anyone. Every fortnight the team hand me over a perfect clean home with an added surprise something specific unexpectedly cleaned eg. Inside my cupboards or my white bench stools that are no longer white after years of abuse from my small children all of a sudden white again (I didn't think humanly possible), a scratched dirty wall all of a sudden clean again. The ladies are very hard working and professional. One word to describe them AMAZING!!!!!’

- Peta

‘Perth Maids Cleaning Services are absolutely brilliant. I changed from another cleaning company I was unhappy with and it very was the best decision ever. Superb cleaners, trustworthy, professional, reliable and caring. I am an NDIS client and could not fault this business. Thanks Perth Maids! You make my life so much easier 😍 👍’

- Suzi

‘2 cleaners who always provide a good cleaning service and work around our business requirements as needed. When contacting administration, response is prompt and helpful. Would highly recommend Perth Maids Cleaning Services. Thank you for doing a great job!’

- Jacqui

‘We have our weekly cleans with Perth Maids and they are amazing. Our house is always clean and tidy and so nice to come home to. We are a busy family with four small children and two working adults so they are a really important part of our lifestyle and we wouldn’t trust the job to anyone else.’

- Trent

‘Mindy and her team have been amazing. Always impeccable cleaning. They managed to squeeze us in for a moving clean last minute and did a great job! Highly recommend.’

- Anne

‘A very professional and reliable cleaning company. Thank you!’

- Stephen

‘I just wanted to say how happy we are with your services and Coco and Ling are fantastic.’

- Emma

‘The ladies are here cleaning and again doing great works. Can you please pass on my thanks and how grateful and appreciative I am for all they do.’

- Cassandra

‘Thanks very much to your team also for the cleaning done today. As always, we were very pleased with the cleaning done. The house always looks its best after your team have been.’

- Michelle

‘I just wanted to thank the girls for doing an amazing job today. Looked beautiful when I got home. Thank you so much. 😀’

- Tanya

‘Just want to let you know what a wonderful job the girls did cleaning our house today. tell them thankyou x’

- Tarama

‘We were very happy with Hong and Addy, they did an excellent job.’

- Jan

‘Hi Mindy Thankyou for arranging cleaning today the team did an amazing job getting under everything and just in time for the family to get home 🏠 👏👏’

- Natasha

‘Thank you to the lovely cleaners who always do a fabulous job 🌟’

- Louise

‘The girls did a fabulous job , my house has never looked so clean 😃’

- Fran

‘Just want to say your ladies are amazing!!! They always make such an effort and it’s greatly appreciated.’

- Elmarie

‘I just wanted to say the ladies who did our clean today did a fantastic job! Even the kids commented.’

- Alison

‘Thankyou Mindy the house looks amazing 😊🏠👍’

- Natasha

‘Please thanks the ladies who come to me for the beautiful job they have done on my house.’

- Marion Thompson

‘Mindy, I am so expressed and absolutely thrill with today's clean. thank you! Please quote me for a fortnight clean. Also I have forwarded your details to a few friends.’

- Samantha

‘Also wanted to say thank you once again. Your ladies always do such a fabulous job. I was walking around my house this evening feeling so grateful for them 😘’

- Sally

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for the end of lease clean. Our final inspection came back without any issues. Thanks again.’

- Andrea

‘The cleaners did a fantastic job thank you!’

- Kate

‘thank you for doing such a great job today!! It was lovely to walk into a clean house, even the fridges! 🙏🏼😊’

- Sarah

‘Cleaner did a great job. It was great to come home to a clean and tidy house.’

- Angela

‘We love the house. It’s amazing. I’m thrilled. Thank you so much.’

- Maggie

‘Just wanted to let you know we were very happy with our " Spring Clean " yesterday . The ladies did a lovely job, particularly as we have a older style house. We will definitely use your services again.’

- Julie Rose

‘Thanks Mindy for your cleaning service! I love what you and your amazing staff do! Merry Christmas and I can’t thank you enough for being so wonderful 🎄♥️ And happy new year too! 💛’

- Maggie

‘We absolutely love Maggie and Ying (sunshine); they are such lovely women to have working in our house. And they do a great job!’

- Connie

‘Thankyou Mindy so much for an AMAZING service....you have done a BRILLIANT job and I really look forward to having Perth Maids as my cleaners in the New Year.’

- Suzi and Kevin

‘Again Mindy, I would just like to say your ladies did a remarkable job on our home today. They even emptied my dishwasher and put away dishes etc. Honestly Mindy, I couldn’t be happier, please let your ladies know how much we appreciate their hard work.’

- Marion

‘Please can you pass on what a wonderful job the girls do? they work very hard.’

- Holly

‘Can you say a big thank you to Annie and the new cleaner please? They always do a good job but particularly sparkling clean bathroom today!!!!’

- Miranda

‘Just wanted to let you know that your cleaners did a nice clean today. Please convey the message to your cleaners.’

- Allen

‘Super happy with house today, please thank the team!’

- Liz

‘I just wanted to say that the 2 ladies are doing such a great job cleaning my house. I’m so grateful and really need the help so please pass on my thanks to them.’

- Karen

‘Please let Annie and Chris know that I am very happy with the work that they did today! 😊 Their cleaning is excellent and I am happy to have them return every Tuesday :)’

- Tracy

‘Just quick msg to say I thought the ladies did a great clean last week :)’

- Paige

‘I was very happy with your clean last time and look forward to tomorrow.’

- Amanda

‘Thank you for the lovely cleaning job today. House is so nice as always :) Hope you have a good week!’

- Yvette

‘Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team. Our house looks fantastic!!’

- Vicki & Keon

‘Just wanted to say that Perth Maids is such a fantastic cleaning service. You are perfectionists and show a great deal of pride and care in your work. You are simply wonderful 💝’

- Suzi Winkler

‘Mindy please thank the girls for my sparkling house.’

- Judi

‘Thanks so much for doing a fantastic job today! My house has never been so clean! ✨’

- Fiona

‘I just thought I'd say 'thanks' for all the work your folk do at our place. We really appreciate the care taken. Thank you very much!’

- Neville and Karen

‘Just to say that we were delighted with the terrific job that Lily and Cao did with our cleaning. It was worth waiting for. Thank you.’

- Judy

‘I was very pleased with my cleaners today. A good job!’

- Kath

‘Thank you to you and your ladies for making our house look amazing on Wednesday. 🙏’

- Chanda

‘The ladies did a fantastic job this week. They worked so hard! Your service is really excellent!’

- Julie

‘I hardly saw your lovely ladies last Thursday as they let themselves in with the key. I wonder if you would thank them for me, for their usual very good clean, but also for emptying my dishwasher, which I thought went above and beyond what I expected.’

- Marion

‘Hi Mindy 😊 if you could pass on my thanks to the ladies who came today, they did a really beautiful job and I really appreciate it ❤️’

- Sally

‘Just to let you know that the team responded really well to the feedback and the clean over the last two weeks (including today) was very good. Thank you!’

- Nick

‘The cleaners did a really thorough and good job today Mindy. Please tell them thank you!’

- Tara

‘Your staff are angels, they do a wonderful job and make my life so much easier 😇 Please say a big 'Thankyou' to them all 😍’

- Suzi

‘Thank you Mindy - our house is beautifully cleaned as always 👍’

- Jan Brown

‘Thank you Mindy my house was very clean!!! 😉’

- Katina

‘Just wanted to say thanks for a terrific cleaning job today. The house looks great! Thanks.’

- Mike

‘We just wanted to say how pleased we are with Yang and her partner. Please pass on to her this message … thanks again Mindy x’

- Norval & Carmel

‘I just wanted to touch base and thank you for providing such lovely and amazing cleaning staff. I am just flabbergasted on all they do in 2hours. Amazing!! Please let them know I am very appreciative of all they do.’

- Peta

‘just a quick note to say the team did a good job yesterday and the new day and time are working really well, so many thanks!’

- Nick

‘The girls did a great job at my home today. I am really delighted. Please tell them I am very happy. Thank you’

- Penny

‘I really liked last week’s cleaners job, the lovely lady who stayed for three hours. I’d be very happy for her to come back tomorrow, please :) Thank you 😊’

- Uschi

‘Your services have both been very essential and beneficial in order for me to maintain my quality of life, reduce fatigue and alleviate stress and anxiety related to my disability.’

- Suzanne

‘The ladies did the BEST job today Mindy. Please pass on my compliments to them xx’

- Tara

‘The ladies did SUCH A WONDERFUL job again yesterday. Thank you xx’

- Ascha

‘Thx heaps & please do thank your girls as they are so lovely & clean my house beautifully today.’

- Amanda

‘Hi Mindy! Hope you’re all well. Just to update you, we have been using other cleaners. They are cheaper but very unreliable. Are Annie and team still free? We would be keen on Friday or Thursday before 2pm. Thanks’

- Jo

‘I’ve just realised I didn’t message you after last Thursday! You guys did a fantastic job and we would love to have you every fortnight on Thursday afternoons. Thank you!’

- Hayley

‘My house hadn’t been cleaned for some weeks and needed a lot of work today. They did a really good job and I would like you to thank them for me.’

- Elaine Mackay-Coghill

‘Dear Mindy, thanks so much it was lovely to come home to such a clean house. They did a fabulous job.’

- Eloise

‘Hi Mindy the house was cleaned very well today. Thank you :)’

- Judy

‘Hi Mindy the house looks fantastic - please pass on my thanks!’

- Kate

‘Dear Mindy Yes Mindy I am well as I hope you are☺️. I want to let you know that whoever did the cleaning yesterday did an excellent job, was a pleasure to come home to! Please pass on my thanks and I hope they come again 🙏. Take care & best wishes.’

- Moya

‘Please thank the ladies the house was spotless!’

- Martina

‘Mindy Thank you for our first house clean - it looks great. Cheers’

- Sam

‘Thanks Mindy. Those two girls should get an award for the best ever..’

- Patricia

‘Hi mindy, we had our house cleaned yesterday and are very happy with the job. We would like to continue on a fortnightly basis.’

- Maree Heath

‘Hi Mindy, I hope this finds you and your family well. I just wanted to let you know, your lovely cleaners are doing a fantastic job. Thank you so much!’

- Nicola Watts🌼

‘Thank you for the fabulous clean yesterday!!’

- Josie

‘Omg Mindy the house is amazing!! Can't believe how good your clean was!! 😍😍😍😍 thank you so much!’

- Raffi

‘Hi Mindy, just want to say Thank You!!! Just got home and it looks absolutely fantastic. Sorry, my home was in a bit of a mess - I was away last week and just been catching up with work. Very grateful and appreciative.’

- Elmarie

‘The house is lovely! I really appreciate the good job you and the girls did.’

- Lee-Anne, Mount Pleasant

‘Please let the ladies know today’s clean was amazing! The house was sparkling!’

- Anna

‘Annie and Helen are always so reliable, polite and hard working – so very happy to acknowledge.’

- Jo, Dalkeith

‘You did an excellent job, very good, I'm very happy with it.’

- Marisa, Salter Point

‘So happy with the job you did!’

- Marie and Kris, Leederville

‘Thanks so much, it is lovely to come home to a sparkling clean house.’

- Renee, North Fremantle

‘Just wanted to thank you and your ladies for continuing to provide such a great cleaning service during these very difficult times. It's very much appreciated!!’

- Peta

‘Excellent cleaning! You did a fantastic job!’

- Emmy, Subiaco

‘Thanks again. Love, love, love my home tonight. It’s the start of a sparkling home!’

- Cherry, Mount Claremont

‘I want to let you know how pleased I was with the magnificent clean the girls did this week. It was the best.’

- Moya

‘I have employed Perth Maids cleaning services for the past 2 years. Their staff are reliable, friendly and work hard. They kept my home clean to the highest of standards.’

- Mrs Emslie

‘Your cleaners are always so thorough, and it’s really appreciated!’

- Catherine

‘I was very impressed with their professional and efficient job and pleased to have you on board as a regular clean.’

- Holly

‘Thank you so much for your girls’ amazing cleaning! House looks so great!’

- Lauren, Cottesloe

‘Thank you so much for the cleaning today. The house looks amazing.’

- Amber, Nedlands

‘I’m always happy to recommend your company. Annie and Helen are delightful, and we appreciate their professionalism.’

- Marion, Nedlands

‘I was very happy with the cleaning last Friday. I appreciate that they go into detail in a fast and efficient manner.’

- Erna, West Leederville