Maddington Office And Warehouse Weekly Cleans For Plummers Industries

Plummers Industries occupy a spacious two-storey building in Maddington. Perth Maids was already cleaning their warehouse space when they decided their office could benefit from our service too. After an initial site visit, we were able to propose a plan.

We recommended starting with a couple of spring cleans upstairs and downstairs. This would bring the office up to a standard we could maintain with regular weekly cleans.

As with many businesses, the outbreak of COVID-19 meant that office cleanliness became a higher priority.

New Steps For Added Protection Against Covid-19

At Perth Maids, we understood that Plummers Industries was relying on us to ensure their commercial spaces received meticulous care and attention.

We underwent additional COVID-19 training and introduced new steps to our thorough cleaning process to provide greater peace of mind for the staff.

Our COVID-19 cleaning plan included:

  • using regular and, when required, hospital-grade disinfectant
  • sanitising high-touch surfaces like door handles and light switches
  • wiping and sanitising items such as keyboards, phones, and personal desks
  • only using newly washed and sanitised microfibre cleaning cloths for every office to avoid possible cross-contamination of spaces
  • colour-coding cleaning cloths for use in different areas of each building

We also used our commercial backpack HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner, which captures 99.9% of all particles and doesn’t let any dust escape.

Peace Of Mind That Perth Maids Put Safety First

Knowing we had adequate preventative measures in place to manage the situation gave our clients and their team reassurance that their work environment was safe and clean.

View ‘A message from Perth Maids’ to see all our preventative measures taken to protect the wellbeing of our clients and our staff during COVID-19.

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