Allen Park Tennis Club

Allen Park Tennis Club – Regular, Flexible Commercial Cleans

Allen Park Tennis Club became clients of Perth Maids after one of our long-time house cleaning clients, who was a club member, recommended us.

The tennis club had a range of requirements that varied between the peak and off-peak seasons. They had heard about our exceptional standards, but they needed flexibility in the cleaning schedule too.

At Perth Maids, we do our best to be flexible with the cleaning date for all our clients. Usually, we only need a couple of days’ notice to adjust our schedule in advance. Knowing this was a key requirement from the outset made it easier for us to factor flexibility into our cleaning plan.

Seasonal Flexibility All Part Of The Perth Maids Service

We have two schedules for Allen Park Tennis Club, and we include date flexibility in both to meet our client’s needs.

During peak season, we clean the club twice a week on agreed days with the flexibility to accommodate the club’s needs for weekend or post-event cleaning.

In the off-peak season, when the club has fewer activities, we change the cleaning frequency to once a week. We also adopt cost-saving processes like only cleaning the window glass every second clean.

Clean Environment For Club Visitors To Enjoy

We always clean outside the club’s business hours to ensure we don’t disturb the club visitors. Every morning when the players arrive, they are welcomed into a clean environment that sets them up to enjoy their tennis games and exercise.

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